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Stearyl alcohol ethoxylate(Peregal O)


Stearyl alcohol ethoxylate levelling agent peregal O is a nonionic surfactant.Milky white tomaizeyellowwaxy/solid. With high molecular weight it is shaped to solid. It can be made into flakysoliddepending on your requirement. It is solub...

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Tallow amine ethoxylates series


The series of products are nonionic in alkaline and neutral medium cationic in acid medium with excellent emulsifying and leveling properties. Used as leveling agent for acid complexing dye it can reduce the dosage of sulfuric acid during...

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Iso-tridecanol/Iso-decanol ethoxylates


Isomeric alcohol ethoxylates series product belongs to environmentally friendly surfactant complying with serious environmental requirements of the European Union American and Japan. It can be easy to disperse and dissolve in water with go...

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Polyethylene glycol series


Polyethylene glycol(PEG) series product is nontoxic non-irritating slightly bitter taste. Good solubility in water good intermiscibility with many organics. With excellent features of lubricity moisture retention dispersibility cohesiv...

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